As a polyglot with a specialisation in Go jargon, I can offer translations of (not necessarily, but preferably) Go-specific texts, e.g. tournament announcements/websites, articles, live interpretation of lectures, etc.

For official documents

From: German, English, Chinese, French (written)

To: German, English

For informal texts

From/to: German, English, Chinese, French

You can offer me a rate you think is fair.


Having lived in Austria my entire life, the language I am most proficient in would be German. I have always had an interest in German orthography, so I can also proofread German texts. Although I grew up bilingually with Taiwanese parents, my Mandarin skills did not exceed the level of an elementary school kid until recently when I started watching Chinese Go videos and working with Chinese pros in the EGF Academy. I have experience in live interpreting Chinese Go lessons to English and subtitling Chinese Go videos in English. That said, besides Go talk, my native Mandarin skills are far below my English level which I learned as a foreign language in school. I was told that I have the rank of an amateur 4 dan in English. As for French, I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree at the end of this semester which comes with a C1 certificate in French.

In conclusion, although comprehension works in Chinese and French, I am probably not able to reproduce all implied nuances in those languages. So unless you are desperate, the output language should focus on German and English.

Other languages that are mostly useless: I had three years of Latin in school (long time ago), and one semester each of Japanese and Spanish.