My musical career is something that lies in the past. Though I still enjoy composing, I can hardly imagine a scenario in which someone would want to commission a piece by me. However, should that ever happen, I am willing to get an appropiate software to do it. For now I will stick to simple transcriptions using a primitive notation program and my absolute pitch.

My style is mostly 19th century late romanticism. You can check my old Soundcloud and this Youtube video.


I started learning to play the violin and the piano at the age of 3. According to my violin teacher of many years, I was accepted at the conservatory (now called “private university”) as an extraordinary student at 6 years old. My memories of that time are vague, so I am not quite sure whether this is accurate. However, I can confirm that I have (probably) always trained to be a professional violinist.

Meanwhile, I also took private piano lessons with different teachers, composition lessons for several years, and started playing the organ after spontaneously filling in at church service. I remember winning youth prizes at national competitions and playing concerts in different countries.

After graduating from secondary school, my extraordinary violin studies became regular ones. Two semesters in, it stopped abruptly when I collapsed at EGC 2011, leading to several months of hospitalisation. My fine motorics had become potato, so I started spending more effort in Go.

The end.