Go lessons

If you are looking for Go advice from a 6 dan player, you have come to the right place!
(Because I need to earn some money :>)

I offer different types of game reviews according to your budget. Consider becoming an EGF Academy supporter to qualify for the 10% discount!

Type Description Price Discount
Basic A dramatic, yet insightful .sgf narration of your game, with expedient descriptions and possibly cliffhangers. 4.44€ 4.00€!
Advanced An in-depth .sgf analysis of your game, with intelligent comments and mindblowing variations. 7.77€ 7.00€!
Video A video commentary of your game, with sophisticated explanations and effective visualisations. 12.34€ 11.11€!
Live Live written, voiced or on-site commentary for Go events, sort of like renting a stripper. Up to negotiation


  • Send me the game(s) in an email that states desired review type and pre-pay amount.
  • No drunken blitz games.
  • You may not be stronger than me.
  • Maximum board size = 19×19.
  • For live reviews, contact me beforehand.

For teaching games or lessons, you might want to consider other teachers.

Type Description Price Discount
Teaching game
or Lesson
A very expensive live training session of questionable duration that is probably not worth it. 60.00€ 59.99€!