About me

img_6050aHello, my name is Viktor Lin. I am currently a European 6 dan. EGD Nowadays I am ranked among the top 20-something in Europe suck.

My personal Go life started around the age of 12 when I found the manga “Hikaru no Go”. My father happened to be a 3 kyu player, so he taught me the rules. For a year or so he was my only opponent. Around the time I needed only 7 stones handicap against him, we found out that a Go scene exists in Vienna. I never played with my father again and improved rapidly with Viennese Go players.

Over the following years I visited numerous European international tournaments and made many international Go friends. In 2007 two events happened that are still impacting the European Go scene today: Firstly, I participated as a 1 dan at my first EGC in Villach, Austria. But more importantly, I met Li Ting 6 dan (now 1p) there who found the love of her life at the very Go Congress. This encounter would lead to the initiation of several projects we have today. Secondly, the Go club Go7 was founded on Vienna’s busiest shopping street which continues to be the best Go club that exists in Europe.

10580273_837223636309925_723742612_nFast forward to 2013. I had just returned after collapsing at the EGC in Bordeaux. This year marks the arrival of CEGO at the European Go scene. Several intertwined project spawned from the collaboration between CEGO and the EGF: the Grand Slam tournaments, the EGF Pros and Pro Qualifications, the 6-month training for chosen Europeans in Beijing, and – the one that affects me the most – the online training those players are to receive after coming back from Beijing.

I accompanied Chinese professional Zhao Baolong 2p in spring 2014 on his trip to and throughout Europe and translated for all the 0nline lessons. This experience would prompt me to organise the EGF Academy, a still ongoing project to polish the next generation of European top players.

To be continued.


2007: First EGC

2008: Swiss Open Champion, first victory against an opponent who turned pro later (Li Ting), Austrian Champion

2009: Austrian Champion

2010: Austrian Champion

2011: Unmotivated participation at pro qualification in Taiwan (eliminated in the preliminaries), The Collapse

2012: The Return, Austrian Vice-Champion

2013: Arrival of CEGO, victory against the (probably) strongest player I’ve beaten yet (Ilya Shikshin),  Austrian Champion, German Bundesliga Champion (Team “Berliner Zebrapinguine”)

2014: CEGO online training for Beijing returnees, participation at 1st EGF pro qualification (eliminated in round 2),  Austrian Champion, European Student Champion, German Bundesliga Champion

2015: Start of the EGF Academy, participation at 2nd EGF pro qualification (eliminated in round 3), first victory against a pro (Catalin Taranu), Austrian Champion, European Student Vice-Champion, German Bundesliga Vice-Champion

2016: Participation at 3rd EGF pro qualification (eliminated in round 4), Austrian Vice-Champion, German Bundesliga Vice-Champion

2017: Participation at 4th EGF pro qualification (eliminated in round 6)