The move kyu players are forbidden from playing seems to be a viable option now…

My WeiqiTV hero Meng Tailing 6p once again presented fresh insight in this video.


In the 16th round of the Chinese A League tournament, Meng Tailing 6p (White) played this uncanny crawl against Jiang Qirun 4p.

What’s the meaning behind this?

“Formerly, people found the tigermouth satisfactory for White. But now that this shape occurs more and more often (thanks to AlphaGo), people realised that this tigermouth is not that amazing.
Crawling at 14 shows the ambition to improve the previous move.

Black has two ways to respond:

The first one is to block at 15. (This was played in the game.)
But it might not be a good choice.

The resulting shape resembles a 3-3 joseki, so White is happy to have seized the small advantage of playing first in a corner.
Black can also hane down at 1.

White will wedge at 2 and it’s a one-way street up to 5.

(This happened in my game from round 13.)
I was told that this is the optimal sequence for both.
If White cuts from this side instead, it is important to know that White’s atari 5 is not sente for Black can keima 6.
After White takes 7, Black can push and geta.

This is terrible for White.
Even though White can capture five more stones, it’s more or less game over.

White’s corner is inefficient which is apparent by simple tewari.
[This is the corner shape after removing six White stones, one for each prisoner.]
Exchanging 7 before taking 9 is slightly better.
But Black can still close White in sente and block at 16 – a big move by itself that renders the cutting point ineffective.

White is as inefficient as ever.


The previous game is discussed in this video.


In this game it was Meng Tailing 6p’s opponent Xia Chenkun 5p (White) who crawled at 52. The former had no prior experience with this move, so he read a lot of convoluted variations that you only need to see if you are really interested.

The same sequence here.
“Cutting this side would lead to a simple variation. However, I feel like White’s thickness on the left got restricted by Black too easily.
So he cut at 58.

This was unexpected.

I spent a long time after White 58.
I was considering taking at 1.

I concluded that White wouldn’t hane at 4.
Black can crawl 5 and block 7.

White’s block 8 does not work well.
In the end Black got a comfortable corner [where White started to move].

After 17, White lives miserably and Black is going to pincer the stones on the top.
If White plays hane and descent instead, the clamp at 4 is good timing.
If I crawl twice and then clamp, White will fight the ko.

White has threats on the left side. [And the exchanges made White somewhat stronger.]
But this ko is different.

[The cut 6 was taken by 9.]

Using 10 as ko threat, White is toast.
So White should connect at 5, and then I crawl.

White can’t descend 12 and let Black crawl 11, so it becomes a seki.
And it’s a gote seki for White!

Black can get 18 next and White got no profit to speak of.

White has 3 points there and Black has 5 points in the corner. [Under Chinese rules and including the prisoners. Furthermore, Black can win with 184 now, so we can say Black made 6 points.]

White can’t play this way because Black has the hane 16.
However, White can turn here instead of the first hane.
Whether Black plays hane-connect or hane-descent, White will crawl at 5.
It’s not easy for Black.
I think White lived too big.

18 is probably necessary and White gets to extend 19.

In the end Black still needs to add s19 to make life.
If I pincer somewhere with 18, then even if White simply captures with 19 and 21, it seems awkward for Black.
Therefore, instead of taking r19, I connected 59 and turned 61.

When White played the atari 62…
I should have played the keima m17.

[You’ve seen this above.]
Pulling out those stones with 2 and 4 would be an alternative.

But Black gets to take at 5 and the fight seems boring for White.
After turning at 5, White has no good shape for running away, so White would capture those stones anyway.
This is better for White than the other variation, but the influence still works well with Black’s game.
I wasn’t aware of the keima and took the stone.

But after White’s jump at 64 it became difficult for Black.


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