Brno addendum

Why did I resign in the 3rd round despite leading by 15 points?

Because I am an idiot…

The end was not broadcasted because the scribe got lost, and kibitzers were confused. So here is the supplement for the kifu:

Up to 233, I got the last point on the board that does not involve a ko.

Meanwhile, White took my liberties one by one with sensible endgame moves.
White threw in at 234 where Black connected with 236.

239 was the losing move. (Black would still win by giving up the tail.)
Actually, 241 was another losing move. (If Black had played at 242 instead, Black would still have won, by 1,5.)

What White was doing didn’t seem to work because 251 puts those five stones directly in atari.

I realised the self-atari now (too late) and saved him the trouble of taking those stones off the board and played 251 here instead.

But Black is still dead:S

Fortunately this blunder only cost at most 80€ and around 11 rating. I hope my karma (from the European Championship) is finally clean~

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