Go Federation Anthems

What would the anthem to the European Go Federation sound like?

That’s an admittedly random thought that crossed my mind.
We can note that all the letters in “EGF” can be translated to the limited alphabet of a music scale.


Even the Austrian Go Federation would fit on the scale, conveniently avoiding the B and the H. (Because some scales go CDEFGABC, while in some countries, such as Austria, CDEFGAHC is used, so it might become confusing.)egf3

However, the mini downwards scale would make a boring theme.

The European Go Congress would be a more harmonic sequence:

egf2These notes make up a C-major chord which I guess would be a resonable theme. But I think there is already a song dedicated to the EGC (which allegedly gets a new verse every year).

While I was thinking what the American Go Association would do…egf4

I realised that the AGA already has an anthem, composed by none other than J. S. Bach!


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