Abra Kadabra

Somehow I qualified to the European Championship’s quarter-finals after three rounds. While some participants are fighting out the remaining places for the EC top 8 in round 4, I faced Zhang Tao 5p in the EGC main tournament.

Needless to say, it was a rather hopeless game. This guy is playing in the Chinese A league which means he is among the world’s very top. Zhang Tao will most likely win the Open EGC, so I’m looking forward to my SOS 😛

My game finished fast-ish, so at the time I am writing this not very elaborated post, the other boards are still playing. I just had to go to my laptop immediately in order to note down everything Zhang Tao showed me in the post-game review. Which is a massive amount of high-class Kobayashi magic, some of which I’ve never seen before.

Here you go:

>>>>>>>>Yet another SGF-file<<<<<<<<

Tomorrow I will go back to the knock-out tournament system of the EC.

I’ll post more after the congress. Cheers~


I recreated the file for those who don’t use the hacked CGoban.

>>>>>>>>Here you go<<<<<<<<

2 thoughts on “Abra Kadabra

  1. Hey viktor, I can Dowload the sgf, but I can’t actually open it, an error message appear, can you check on that?


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