Invasion hocus pocus

Frequently found in Kobayashi fuseki games, the following invasion sequence is a very common joseki:


W’s last defensive move at 11 is very big, almost urgent.

It is less commonly known that, if the marked stone is high, then defending at 11 becomes a slow move and significantly less urgent. (Also less satisfactory because the side is open around A.)

The only game I have ever played (from 2013) in which that stone happened to be high seems to be lost forever as I did not document the kifu 😦 However, look what I found instead:

A complete transcription of a pro commentary of a Gu Li vs. Lee Sedol game that I made in 2011!


While the reasoning to put the stone high in this game is probably outdated and must be taken with a grain of salt, the sequences in this corner and, most impressively, the follow-ups are still valid.

>>>>>>>>The amazing SGF-file<<<<<<<<

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