WAGC 2017 impressions

nhz67u e§ e§QAqa e§YS”W’O)MJ E3 e§VF’OBGT%$R’O)YS”W E3vfbgt54r#omj e§qac/

My keyboard got wet:S The above is what happened when I typed “Here are some photos from WAGC.”


Ad at the airport


Ad in the metro for some insurance company


Ge Yuhong Go Academy



Not bad, I guess.


Strange fruits (I wonder whose finger that is)


Normal fruits

Ok I lied:)

Here is the only photo (singular) I have to show from the actual WAGC, behold:


Penguin Death Match (ok, stop beholding)

Please refer to this Euro Go News article for an actual report. I might show some games after the Pro Qualification. (For now, I am pretending to prepare for it.)

One thing I did not mention in the article was the car that passed the hotel every evening for a few hours straight. Whether it was an ice cream car, a garbage car, or something else, I do not know. In any case, the tune it played was extremely annoying.

The transcription below might not be accurate as the streets were usually noisy and everybody was gtrying very hard not to listen to it:


Like, it’s already annoying after the n-th time, and it was also a monotonous sinusoidal sound in the frequency range that most annoyingly catches the attention of human ears. But why the fock does that car need three (!) cadences per repetition…

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