Viktor’s secret fuseki UNVEILED

I’ve been playing the same fuseki since three years, because no Europeans ever used a counter method against that fuseki. I feel it’s time to reveal my prided secret fuseki:>

Even though it is a fuseki for White, the conditions to make it happen are so common that I played it in like half of my tournament games as White. It is extremely easy to get a satisfactory result for White, and the “punishing” (?) variations that are bad for White are hard to find.

top secret

Black only needs to play a hoshi+komoku, so I always countered this with a hoshi+mokuhazushi. Next, most of my opponents played a shimari around A. Invasions at C, B or D have also happened.

A while ago I made an .sgf file for a friend with all the official variations I know and some game examples. Here you go:

>>>>>>>>SGF file Viktor’s Top Secret Fuseki<<<<<<<<

Well, it's as secret as something can be that's been used regularly over three years.

In the end I feel like it's time to change. My personal conclusion regarding a hoshi is that it needs an extension to the side to prevent the 3-3 (see the 3 preceding posts). That means, I might never play a hoshi again as White, now that I published my findings (mostly from WeiqiTV and a bit from EGF Academy) on Euro Go News:p

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