“A new perspective on the star point and the implications thereof”

A follow-up of the two preceding posts.

To be found on Euro Go News.

Some of Ke Jie’s official games were skipped in the article because there was no relevant 3-3 invasion, but we can make interesting observations that seem to revolve around the 3-3 invasion after all:

In the first game after Li Zhe shocked everyone by invading 3-3 at move 7, Ke Jie declared his acknowledgement of Li Zhe’s proclamation by starting at 3-3 himself, preemptively foregoing a 3-3 invasion in his corner. His opponent Tang Weixing followed suit, so there was no hoshi to be invaded. (Ke Jie lost. Last loss before the winning streak.)

Then, against Lian Xiao, Ke Jie played around his opponent’s komoku first and a weird fight was held, so when Ke Jie finally got to invade 3-3, the hoshi was not naked anymore.

The match against Li Zhe was a best-of-three, so there was a second game. Black (Li Zhe) immediately made a Chinese opening and it seemed to work as a prophylactic extension to prevent the 3-3.

Finally Ke Jie’s 6-game winning streak was stopped by Tan Xiao. I blame it on the fact that Ke Jie did not invade 3-3 this time.
Not sure what Tan Xiao’s countermeasure would have been. Perhaps he had none and merely played the two hoshi as a 空城計?

I registered an account on go4go to get the .sgf files. It’s a good site:>

ke jie go4go1ke jie go4go2ke jie go4go3

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