One of the more creative variations of Go that I have seen during my career involves a three-dimensional grid that serves as the goban.

We used to have one in our Go club Go7, (the one that was presented at EGC 2007 in Villach/Austria,) but one day it disappeared without a trace. It seemed legit enough, so nobody cared to pursue its whereabouts.

Below is the only picture I took of it:


The blurriness is an artistic representation of the immaturity regarding my adolescent photography skills.

The “board” is sized 7x7x7, giving 343 intersections. Each single stone has a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 liberties.

The upper part of this construction consists of 7 layers of 7×7 grids. Each layer can be pulled out to place a stone on it.
The lower part serves as a copy of the goban and displays each layer seperately. For clarification I suppose.

As interesting as it looks, it wasn’t very fun to play on it:S
It’s near impossible to capture stones or surround territory, thus each game ended in a whole-board seki.

2 thoughts on “3D-Go

  1. We asked the owner to take it back because it was using up too much space and no one played with it anyway. In its place, there is now a couch, which gets rather more use.


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