Death at 131072

Just as Artem’s progress in the 13th Sankei Cup got terminated, a long due update on Karlos who suffered the same fate.

You can see Artem’s game in this article. The game was without komi and it seems that his steady style was no good for catching up the handicap:S

As for Karlos, you can see a malignent tumor on the lower left corner that got sneaked in the course of several misclicks. So I formulated an elaborate plan to move Karlos to another corner:

But it turns out that the game ends at 131072 on 5×5. The screen freezes while reassuring me that “You Win!” (sic). However, much like how Artem’s journey does not end here and he is going to achieve more brilliant results, Karlos’s journey goes on on 6×6:


Let’s see how far it goes this time^^

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