How to become an EGF Academy supporter

If you have ever gone to the “Go lessons” tab, you probably noticed that there is a column marking a 10% discount on game reviews. It is noted that “EGF Academy supporters” qualify for these discounts.

To find out more about that, I refer you to the most recent, yet long overdue article on Euro Go News.

Ad game reviews: I’ve commented a few games so far from players at 2d and 1k level. While it was (I assume) instructive for them, I’m also finding out about my way of analysing and thinking about a game by expressing it in words. I will make a few posts addressing that and “typical” misconceptions players at the above mentioned level have, as far as I can judge them.
(Though the amount of data is not yet statistically significant, I assume that they are not the only ones having those ideas. I should also know from when I was weaker.)

P.S.: The proofreader for Euro Go News remarked “I don’t see anything worth correcting […]” 😀
I’m so proud.

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