PGETC 16/17, league B round 8

For the third time in a row, Austria faces an opposing team that very clearly outranks our team. On board 1, I encountered one of the so far 5 EGF pros who just spent half a year studying in China.

I was rather happy with the gianourmous upper left corner, but then came a tough decision (at 40:00):


White needs to restrict Black’s centre potential. I saw three possibilities, each with their own merit and disadvantage. I think I did not make the best choice.

My opponent is significantly stronger than me, and it really showed in the ensuing attack :<

Anyway, he is not only a good player, but also has ambitions to promote Go in Europe. When I met him last weekend, he told me about some plans involving a huge tournament with more money involved than the Grand Slam! I’m looking forward to this autumn when that tournament is supposed to be scheduled.

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