Lyon and Grenoble

I went to Grenoble this weekend to watch the EYGC and play at the Ellie Cup. Twas my first time to visit Lyon and Grenoble respectvely. Voilà a collection of my impressions.


A river.

Grenoble does not have an airport, so I arrived to Lyon first and took the opportunity to see the city. The first impression was one of slight, neglegible disappointment: the Lyon airport “Saint Exupéry” was abbreviated as LYS in spite of the perfect chance to spell “SEX”.
Nonetheless, a piano in the airport’s train station area more than made up for this fault. A random tourist was playing a familiar tune skillfully: Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu. I went on to Lyon city centre with this pleasant earworm.

After arriving at Lyon central station, the first things I noticed were the three Relay stores inside the station, in an area of, at my most intelligent estimation, 15×20 metres. Surely this abomination of overconcentration was not concocted by a Go player. Very soon my earworm was replaced by another familiar tune that I have heard in other railway stations in France:


This melody is probably affiliated with the train company SNCF and preceded every announcement that in no way concerned me.

I strolled around in the area of the station and it turns out that:
1) The shopping area was right there.
2) It was the time of winter sales :>

I would have spent so much money if my luggage had more space and if the sight of a certain bakery chain, with the same name as my ex, hadn’t made me melancholy.

After meeting a good friend from Lyon I went on peacefully to Grenoble.

On the way to my hotel to go to bed, I passed the tournament place and met some Go players by coincidence, thus the first tournament party of Grenoble happened unexpectedly.

The next day, the tournament started, which is summarised in this excellent article on Euro Go News that I couldn’t describe better. So my recount shall end here. I will simply add that, after discussing the training systems of the EGF Academy, the French youth team and the German youth league, I am considering to become a trainer for the latter two. We will see what the future entails for me~

P.S.: Actually one more thing threw me off in Lyon, i.e. the kerning (?) of the text on this display window. It says roughly:

T H E   B O U T I Q U E

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