Trickplay debate

Recently a wrong (afaik) refutation to a particular trickplay is being circulated in our Go club, so I felt compelled to spread the correct variations I know of. Thanks to Motoki who provided the file in 2010, probably made by an acquainted professional. (I’ve been looking for it for a long time. It turns out I saved it on a DVD back then, when I didn’t own hard disks.)


The trickplay in question starts with White’s atari from below inthe Magic Sword joseki.
The sequence up to White’s nobi 11 is a one-way street.


How should Black play now?

It was easier to make a video of this instead of putting everything in diagrammes. Here it is:

One thought on “Trickplay debate

  1. Really cool to see, I remember that I saw the worng punishment somewhere and that i had doubts about it, but I donĀ“t remember what my doubts were… Probably not the punishment for the punishment that you showed^^
    Anyway cool to see that this empty triangle does not work^^


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