PGETC 16/17, league B round 7

Once again the final result of the game is the exact oppisite of what I thought. On the occasion of this round’s dramatic game, I took some pictures of how I use my broken microphone.

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Someone accidentally bestowed themself onto my headset and the microphone part broke off :S
I found a way to keep it at a more or less constant distance from my front aerial exit (i.e. the mouth) by tucking it between the buttons of this hoodie that I now wear at every video commented game.
Nonetheless, the sound quality is not what it used to be, so on the upcoming occasion of my birthday I hope one of my fans can find me a new headset x)

In the game against the Dutch first board, I took the lead with a fast opening. The highlight is undoubtly when White escaped the loosely laddered stone (at 1:29:00).


Ironically this is also where I failed epicly and gave away all of my advantage. Indeed, I missed to play this decisive tigermouth:


According to my reading, White would have died and the game would have finished immediately. Below the strongest resistance is shown, White dies in a double-ko.


So this is what should have happened and didn’t in the game. White instead made a metric fuckton of points by swallowing the fishing net I had layed for his group.
Fortunately for me, I had been leading before, so I could still go on. Eventually the difference was within 1-2 points, but the final result was very surprising. Do I really suck so much at counting?!

Update: Would you look at this!!!


Austria won again despite being severely outranked!

Fun fact: I heard rumors that the Dutch third board has an appearance in Hikaru no Go.

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