New monument in Vienna in honour of AlphaGo!

Just as AlphaGo’s name is resounding again throughout the online Go world as Master (P) on Asian Go servers, a monument popped up in the centre of Vienna to commemorate AlphaGo’s victory against Lee Sedol in March 2016. Apparently the artist is called Gregor Eichinger and the project was sponsored by Hochhaus Herrengasse. The address is Herrengasse 6-8, in the very geographical and historical centre of Vienna. Official link (probably):

It is astonishing how much influence AlphaGo has on the general perception of Go. This monument was installed without any interference at all by the Austrian Go Federation, i.e. I (as the general secretary) had no idea until I caught wind of this through Facebook gossip.


Photos from Facebook, by Angelika, chairwoman of Go7

I hope good things happen to all 4 of my readers in 2017 🙂

Update 1 April 2017: An article has been made on Euro Go News, summarising, the touchscreen go table and AlphaGo monument

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