Premature Burial

This move appeared in a 2-handicap game against one of my students (at that time).

White’s turn. Can you find something to do for White?


Usually you only see these moves in tsumego books. Obviously I’m sort of proud of having found it in my game:p

Until I learn how to hide things in WordPress’s html5, you’ll have to

rely on yourself

not to

scroll down

before you

think about

the solution








After 1 W revives two stones and as a side-effect cuts off the zero-eyed black serpent inside.

B prevents W from connecting under, allowing W to start a ko.

W also finds a convenient local ko threat.

B also plays a local ko threat…

But W has some more and black concedes the game.

If B prevents ko, W can connect under and seal the fate of the black group.

Note that jumping here would also be a good idea, but…

….in this case W would lose the semeai by one liberty.

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