Osaka Go Camp/Japan Go Congress 2017

Li Ting is arguably the most important individual on the organisational scale in European Go. She introduced her friends to the European Go scene including CEGO and the founders of the biggest Go schools in China and Japan respectively, who have since been supporting Europe within their power.By coincidence, I live in the same town as her, so I also assist her within my capabilities when she tells me to do stuff. E.g. I accompanied Chinese professional Zhao Baolong 2p with the mission to improve his English and to train him so that he could establish himself, which imho was accomplished a tad too successfully: Baolong’s English has surpassed my own (so that he switched to learning German), and unfortunately (for me) this is perhaps the reason he has just become a greatly demanded person in the Chinese Go Association, and busy to an extent that he is forced to neglect teaching in the EGF Academy (that I am managing*) 😡

Howsoever, the occasion for this post is of lesser significance and completely unrelated to what was mentioned previously: Li Ting asked me again to write an article to invite people to the 5th annual Osaka Go Camp and the 2nd Japan Go Congress. Since my goal is to put everything I do on this website, be it relevant or not, here it is:

Link to Euro Go News

*under the tutelage of Li Ting, of course

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