Austrian Vice-Champion 2016

This year we only had five players in the Austrian Championship Finals as one participant was forced to skip the tournament due to a potentially contagious infection.

Undefeated until the penultimate round, it came as a shock to everyone, especially myself, that I lost to a random 5d in the last round. orz
I was (and still am) particularly shaken as I only found out that I lost when we counted out the game. I kept counting during the game and every time I was winning. I can only blame myself for getting old T_T 内心崩潰

1 In retrospect, it seems that White was winning throughout the game.
…until this nobi, technically the losing move.

2 After a series of exchanges, Black’s kosumi 8 is the winning move. After this move, White is finally losing. I had expected Black to connect k13 so that I could play here.
Objectively speaking, White still had chances after the nobi: It seems that ignoring either the block 2 or the hane 4 in order to cut at k13 would have won White the game as well. That is just how massive this move is. (Locally I counted a difference of ~20 points.)

3 The best sequence for White that I found was to push Black inside my centre. But even after coming back at 16, the territory has shrunk decisively. How I still counted myself ahead is beyond me.

4 This is just one of the sequences that don’t work for White. Somehow every variation ended in me dying by one liberty.

5 Going back to the technical losing move, White should have jumped directly here. None of the sequences would have happened. Since Black won by 4.5 in the end, this was a decisive mistake that changed the outcome.

According to GoR calculator, at 2630 rating I have a winning expectancy SE of 84.7% against a player of this calibre. (Though interestingly their SE is 13.7%, giving leeway to a jigo.) I hadn’t lost in tournament to someone under 2500 for over a year, so statistically it would have been about time (because this is exactly how statistics work). But the timing was just too unfortunate.

Gonna have nightmares and grump for about two weeks.

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