New website!

Finally I have my own website \o/

Unlike my European top player friends like Pavol Lisy 1p, Mateusz Surma 1p, Tanguy Le Calvé 6d, etc. whose websites focus primarily on teaching, mine is mostly a blog that also offers certain services within my abilities along the way.

I will try to be as interesting as possible. Eventually there will be ads to make this lucrative.

Topics include mostly Go, highlights from my own games and top notch stuff I cannot hep but share, Chinese terminology from my descripte point of view, and random stuff about Go, random thoughts, etc.

Until now I distributed my publications on several platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, a blog, a second blog, a third deleted blog*, on EuroGoTV, and most recently on the Euro Go News, etc.

All of those are going to be centralised here on this website, or at least I will link to them so that you can follow everything at once.

Enjoy! 🙂

*My least popular blog. I will copy its content here, one post at a time.

P.S.: This also seems to be an adequate platform to make a glossary for hidden gems in the massive collection of EGF Academy lessons. They shall be collected under the Academy category.

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